Noel’s random quotes, words and phrases

My first phrase has been a staple of mine for decades. I’m not sure what inspired this but it quickly became my daily comment. Later I added another line to it which was never as popular or successful as the original.
The monkey strikes the golden pot at midnight. (later addedand pigs fly at 2AM.“)

We all have words that we make up or words that we want to popularize. It seems today that if a celebrity says it bam! it’s instantly put into the dictionary. But if a normal person says it it’s referred to as improper grammar.
BisquitedYou’ve just been bisquited. (Yes I’m aware this spelling is incorrect but that’s just the way it is! Also when I use this word it’s not like the urban dictionary which means drunk… I use it more of like owned, beat down, etc.)

Battle Cries

As a side note I will list my friends battle cries as well. Everyone needs a good battle cry :D
Enchi Taco Combo – (I realize some Tex-Mex places have this as an actual menu item now but at the time I was not aware of any of these.)
Pizza! – friend of mine (not really sure how that is a battle cry but I guess I’m in no position to judge)
It’s time to kick butt and chew bubblegum. And I’m all out of bubblegum.

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Posted by Nester - October 5, 2010 at 7:10 pm

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Problems at the gasoline pump.

No one enjoys spending their hard earned paycheck on fuel. Especially now with the cost of gasoline on the rise and no end in site. With new car manufacturers on the rage about their new hybrids and how fuel efficient a new motor vehicle is. Has this caused you to think of ways to help extend the life of your current automobile? Are there cheaper ways to get farther on a tank of gas? There are many inexpensive ways to improve how far you can travel on a tank. I want to talk about one way that has me spending extra dough at the pump that I have tried to solve on my own for years now. Perhaps you can help me with ideas on this problem. Here is my issue: When you finish filling up at the pump, hear that click and pull the nozzle out of your car why does the gas always have to drip. I’ve lifted the hose, tilted the pump and done everything possible to keep that costly substance from spilling out onto my new paint job or watching my money go down the drain. A few drips every fill up times every driver worldwide is countless gallons. This has always bothered me and do you ever wonder how much of the fuel you paid for stays behind whether in the nozzle or the hose or perhaps it’s spilling onto your car or the ground.

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Posted by Nester - September 15, 2010 at 10:00 pm

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Bobvilla News September

Update for Sept. 9, 2010

I’m still in the process of getting my car completely repaired. This morning I took it in for pictures at the new body shop and they are sending in the corrective repair estimate. I will update the full story and post pictures of what was not completed. It seems all that’s left is some minor body work (repainting panels, hood and replacing a few interior parts and yes one of them is related to the seat yet again :/) I think everything has finally been fixed as far as the suspension and safety concerns.

In other news I have been writing several new articles which include stories from my past and common sense advice. I will post sections as I complete them. Currently they are large articles that I am going to break up so they are more organized. The new categories will be up later this month.

Over at TDB we are also working on new ideas about The Dartboard Podcast. If you have any ideas or topics you would like to be enlightened on please head over to TDB Forums and drop us a line or you can just comment on this post below.

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Posted by Nester - September 9, 2010 at 9:40 am

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New Computer (used)

I was out shopping this last weekend at the computer megastore. (Goodwill :D ) And ran across an old computer. Unlike most of their machines this one was actually somewhat decent. For starters it was a Dell it also still had the Windows XP Home sticker on it with the licensed serial number still in tack. This interested me enough to crack it open and take a peek inside to see what else it had. I’ll spare you the details but found it was decent and quite clean and free of dust. So I picked it up, checked out and brought it home.

I ran it inside opened the case and proceeded to clean the fan and heatsink and remove the dust bunnies. I opened up another machine and started swapping video cards and stuffing extra ram into the computer. I grabbed an extra monitor vga cable, keyboard and mouse. (All the while making a large mess in the living room floor.) Put it back together hooked it up pushed power and waited on the magic to begin… Blank screen. check… Power light. check… LED’s. check… fan’s. check… still no display :/no beep codes. So I proceeded to trouble shoot it instead of just return it. A little while later after swapping parts and fiddling around I remembered something important. I had left the MILK OUT on the counter! ACK!  and then it got interesting… Read more…

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Posted by Nester - April 2, 2010 at 2:03 pm

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