Quality car repair in America

Respect, loyalty and character or disrespect, deceit and corruption?

You want to know why jobs in America are being shipped overseas?! And why we import cheap products?! Take a look at your local businesses… Quality isn’t something anyone seems to care about anymore. 9 months 3 car repair shops 4 appointments and counting.

How is my car doing? Well I found more bubbles in the paint under the clearcoat. Weather stripping on my window is torn and not sealing. There is clearcoat on 3 of my windows. And the interior of my car is still filled with powder from the airbag. I also found powder all over my trunk and all over my air filter and engine. Granted I never looked in the trunk (under the flap that holds the spare tire) or in the underside of the engine. So no one is aware of it other than myself. While it doesn’t really matter all that much the annoying part is when I can get in the car and visibly see powder and I have been told 4 times now my car has been detailed… Usually that involves cleaning the windshield both outside and inside, seats, vacuuming floor mats and wiping the dash along with the other windows. Does that sound like to much? How could you miss and entire windshield?! People usually look out them to drive do they not? GPS can only do so much…

Quality control needs a new pair of glasses or maybe I should apply for the job. I was taught to give things back in the same condition if not better. How is it that I get my car back from someone who is charging big bucks to my insurance coming back in worse shape than it left me? These things just boggle the mind. Thanks for listening to my rant after 9 months for 1 repair I’m extremely frustrated that people keep giving me something that involves my safety 7 days a week, telling me that it’s clean and nothing is broken only to find out it was not properly put back together and broken parts were used in the process of rebuilding it… People used to have respect, loyalty and character. Now it seems they have disrespect, deceit and corruption.

(This was written with frustration and a bit of anger) Always remember if you get angry with someone it will only make your situation more difficult so if you have to vent before facing the problem at hand. Even if it’s to a blank piece of paper, video game, computer, whatever your outlet is it can help clear your mind so you can be professional and not turn into a mud slinging politition. :D

I love my country and know cost among other things are usually the reasoning behind job movement. It seems the older I get the less people here care about eachother. Sure everyone has family or a small niche they love and hold dear but how many people today are willing to put their life before others? Many say they will but few ever show it. Actions speak louder than words and if you truly care for someone they will know it and so will others. You don’t have to take a bullet for someone for people to know that you would. If you care for someone make sure they know it!

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Posted by Nester - November 2, 2010 at 3:49 pm

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Problems at the gasoline pump.

No one enjoys spending their hard earned paycheck on fuel. Especially now with the cost of gasoline on the rise and no end in site. With new car manufacturers on the rage about their new hybrids and how fuel efficient a new motor vehicle is. Has this caused you to think of ways to help extend the life of your current automobile? Are there cheaper ways to get farther on a tank of gas? There are many inexpensive ways to improve how far you can travel on a tank. I want to talk about one way that has me spending extra dough at the pump that I have tried to solve on my own for years now. Perhaps you can help me with ideas on this problem. Here is my issue: When you finish filling up at the pump, hear that click and pull the nozzle out of your car why does the gas always have to drip. I’ve lifted the hose, tilted the pump and done everything possible to keep that costly substance from spilling out onto my new paint job or watching my money go down the drain. A few drips every fill up times every driver worldwide is countless gallons. This has always bothered me and do you ever wonder how much of the fuel you paid for stays behind whether in the nozzle or the hose or perhaps it’s spilling onto your car or the ground.

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Posted by Nester - September 15, 2010 at 10:00 pm

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Car Repair

My ongoing car repair…
I decided to start a blog about my ongoing car repair issue. Here’s a quick background…
2/2/2010 3:50AM – I lost control of my car while it was snowing on the highway and hit the concrete barrier. The front passenger corner and passenger bumper struck the barrier as I spun around.
3/10/2010 – Got the car back from the Repair Shop and thus begins my journey… Read more…

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Posted by Nester - March 10, 2010 at 8:22 pm

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