My brain damage

When I was in the 3rd maybe 4th grade. I’m not certain which year perhaps it is due to the shock of this event. Either way, I was out at our playground during recess. At the time they had just put new sand in the playground. While the rest of my class was smashing sand rocks (piles of the sand that were stuck together) I went to see what the cooler older 5th graders were up to. They were having a sand castle competition so I walked around inspecting their work. As I stopped to take a better look at one masterpiece I felt my head go numb and sand in my hair. I smoothed one hand over my hair to wipe the sand out and felt liquid on my hand. Read more…

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Posted by Nester - October 12, 2010 at 9:34 pm

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How I met my wife


After hitting my mid 20′s I decided that I would stop actively looking for a relationship with the opposite sex. Having a few bad experiences in a row in the past pretty much numbed my hopes of finding the right one. I decided that if God had the right person out there He would make have to hit me over the head when the right one finally came along. With that in mind let me tell you a little bit of my life before I even knew she really existed.

I had been chatting on an IRC (Internet Relay Chat, IE. a chat channel) network ever since highschool and came to help with the administration and even run my own channel for a while. After a couple years I became friends with some older singles who invited me to their channel. I told them I wasn’t really interested in finding someone to date but they insisted it was just another channel to chat with others. While a few of the channels were filling up with younger kids (you know how kids are… yeah that’s right teenagers :D ) so I started spending my extra time chatting with the older folk. After chatting for a couple years they kept pestering me to come to one of their annual vacations to hang out in real life and meet each other. I passed up several vacations until finally said yes. Read more…

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Posted by Nester - October 9, 2010 at 10:09 am

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