My brain damage

When I was in the 3rd maybe 4th grade. I’m not certain which year perhaps it is due to the shock of this event. Either way, I was out at our playground during recess. At the time they had just put new sand in the playground. While the rest of my class was smashing sand rocks (piles of the sand that were stuck together) I went to see what the cooler older 5th graders were up to. They were having a sand castle competition so I walked around inspecting their work. As I stopped to take a better look at one masterpiece I felt my head go numb and sand in my hair. I smoothed one hand over my hair to wipe the sand out and felt liquid on my hand. I pulled it around to see and noticed it was covered with blood. I ran to the music teacher who was watching us and he quickly told me to run to the school nurse. As I ran I heard him shout get him and saw the 5 graders running up the slide to grab my assailant.

As I ran down the school hall I was stopped by a couple teachers who proceeded to inform me of the rules of no running in the halls. I was hysterical and could not speak so I put my hands on my head and turned my hands facing them showing my bloody hands. They were horrified and told me to get to the nurse. So I continued my journey to the school nurse. Once I got there I only remember getting ice and told to hold it on my head while I waited for my dad to come get me. My dad picked me up and took me to the hospital where we waited for what seemed like hours. While we waited I recall the blood on my head drying up and giving me a spikey hair gel hairdo. The happiest moment from the day was when my dad bought me peanut M&M’s from the vending machine while we waited for the doctor. Finally they called my name and I went in to see Dr… (who remembers doctors names?)

Anyway, what I do remember is he had what I swear was a commercial grade transparent staple gun. He then proceeded to pull the trigger and stick (what I hoped was rust proof) staple right into my brain! The next couple weeks all I recall is that I could not run as it felt like blood in my head swirled around like a punch bowl and made me lightheaded. After it healed up my mom (being a nurse) refused to send me to the hospital just to have a staple removed. So she bought what looked like some cheap pliers and as I screamed like a baby she pulled it out of my head. Perhaps this is why I’m so weird. Or maybe it’s what started my balding. Either way it is an interesting story about my life.