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I was out shopping this last weekend at the computer megastore. (Goodwill :D ) And ran across an old computer. Unlike most of their machines this one was actually somewhat decent. For starters it was a Dell it also still had the Windows XP Home sticker on it with the licensed serial number still in tack. This interested me enough to crack it open and take a peek inside to see what else it had. I’ll spare you the details but found it was decent and quite clean and free of dust. So I picked it up, checked out and brought it home.

I ran it inside opened the case and proceeded to clean the fan and heatsink and remove the dust bunnies. I opened up another machine and started swapping video cards and stuffing extra ram into the computer. I grabbed an extra monitor vga cable, keyboard and mouse. (All the while making a large mess in the living room floor.) Put it back together hooked it up pushed power and waited on the magic to begin… Blank screen. check… Power light. check… LED’s. check… fan’s. check… still no display :/no beep codes. So I proceeded to trouble shoot it instead of just return it. A little while later after swapping parts and fiddling around I remembered something important. I had left the MILK OUT on the counter! ACK!  and then it got interesting… Read more…

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Posted by Nester - April 2, 2010 at 2:03 pm

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