How I met my wife


After hitting my mid 20′s I decided that I would stop actively looking for a relationship with the opposite sex. Having a few bad experiences in a row in the past pretty much numbed my hopes of finding the right one. I decided that if God had the right person out there He would make have to hit me over the head when the right one finally came along. With that in mind let me tell you a little bit of my life before I even knew she really existed.

I had been chatting on an IRC (Internet Relay Chat, IE. a chat channel) network ever since highschool and came to help with the administration and even run my own channel for a while. After a couple years I became friends with some older singles who invited me to their channel. I told them I wasn’t really interested in finding someone to date but they insisted it was just another channel to chat with others. While a few of the channels were filling up with younger kids (you know how kids are… yeah that’s right teenagers :D ) so I started spending my extra time chatting with the older folk. After chatting for a couple years they kept pestering me to come to one of their annual vacations to hang out in real life and meet each other. I passed up several vacations until finally said yes.

The first year I joined them they actually came to Dallas so after and on days off I came and hung out with them. This is the first time I met my wife in person. She was dating another man at the time who was also there. I really didn’t pay much attention to her at the time and all I can really remember is that she had purple sunglasses. The next year I took the full week off and joined them in Myrtle Beach, SC. I had a good time getting to know my online friends better in real life. Kathy was hanging out with a few of us and it seems I made a bigger impression on her than she did on me.

Another new year went by and shortly after I was feeling the urge to go on vacation and get away from everything. Vacationing by myself wasn’t something I cared to try so I began checking around to see if anyone was free to preferebly go out of state and just relax. As I was talking with a good friend of mine who startered me chatting in the singles channel she told me to give Kathy a call. I had very little memory recall of talking with her and wondered if she would even remember me. My friend told me she was single now and gave me her phone number. I called her later that day and talked for a while. I don’t really recall how the conversation went but somehow we planned for me to visit Michigan and stay with her parents.

Our first one on one time

So I made plans and got a flight to Detroit which is about 1 1/2 hours from where her parents and her lived. By sheer coincidence I happen to be coming during Valentines day. Of course it was near impossible to convince anyone that we were just friends but perhaps the inside story will help with that. She met me at the airport (which was akward cause I really hadn’t talked with her much we were more of friends of friends so wasn’t sure if it was ok to hug her or handshake.) I was very concerned that she would think I was interested in her and went out of my way to make sure I didn’t send any mixed signals. I don’t remember much the only things I do recall about my mini vacation was she told me all about this Tim Hortan’s (a donut shop) and the wonders of their apple somethings. I had one and well, to be honest, I was not impressed. But tried to be nice, so I lied as best I could. The only other thing I really remember was when we sat down to watch movies she sat on the couch (and me not wanting to send the wrong idea) sat on the opposite side of the room in a chair. It was quite cold in the basement so I just sat there by myself in the chair blanketless and of course said nah I’m not cold it’s fine. She took me back to the airport and we parted ways. Little did I know that this trip would be the start of how I came to fall in love with my best friend… (to be continued soon. Writing takes alot of free time and lately it’s been a bit crazy here sorry :D )